Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness

Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness

Tired of your looking thin and limp? This article comes packed with hair products, and hair care routines not just to boost the volume of your hair but make it healthy from the roots.

Fortunately, the best hair-growing shampoos don't require an appointment with a dermatologist or trichologist- you can get long, thick healthy hair right at home. With that and the ever-evolving hair care market, one can imagine a large variety of options to choose from.

This makes deciding what actually will work that much more difficult. So, we bring you this article to help you determine the best option to get the desired result.

Which Shampoo Is Best For Hair Growth And Thickness - Detailed Guide

Why do you experience hair loss in the first place?

Let's start by discussing why someone will have slow hair growth or excessive hair growth. This assumption that hair loss is a male concern is reflected in the traditional solutions available. But hair loss is relatively common in females. More than 80% of women experience hair loss at some time. Around 40% percent of alopecia patients are women. 

Multiple factors such as age, diet, hormonal imbalance, stress, illness, product buildup, or even using the wrong hair products can cause hair loss. Determining the cause of hair loss is the key, as treatment methods vary accordingly. 

What are hair growth shampoos?

Hair growth shampoos are the ones that promote hair growth and a healthy hair cycle, primarily by stimulating hair follicles. The once unfair taboo is now driving demand for growth-stimulating active ingredients such as Nutrafol and tik Tok's infamous rice water.   

The best hair shampoo creates a salon experience right at your home. Reading labels and looking for shampoos with healing and repairing properties is how we should shop for our shampoo.

Shampoo ingredients to consider weaving into your hair care routine -

Vitamin - C and avocado shampoos

These ingredients are designed to help all hair types shine with vitamin -c. Multitasking avocado oil is super penetrative and won't just sit on your scalp and weigh your locks down. Avocado oil smooths the strands and locks moisture in.

Rice water shampoos

Everyone is talking about these shampoos right now. Using rice water to bring vitality to your strands is an age-old practice.

Camellia seed oil shampoos

Camellia seed oil is believed to be a remedy for dull hair. Camellia oil penetrates your cuticle and melts into the hair. Lightweight oil like this will moisturize your hair from within and not weigh hair down.

pH Balancing shampoos

Your scalp can become too acidic due to the environment, product interaction, and shower water. This might lead to bacterial growth and infections. Balancing shampoo is an excellent way to restore balance and support healthier, stronger hair.

Coconut based shampoos

Coconut-based shampoos lift grease and pollutants without stripping off the natural oil and moisture.

Bamboo infused shampoos

These shampoos are great for grey hairs. It promotes moisture retention while helping to strengthen hair. 

You can get all these shampoos at Aarde Shampoo

If you have kept up with your hair care routine- massage your hair with hot oil regularly. Pulled them back in braids hoping to get long, voluminous hair- but yet are dealing with the troubles of flat thin hair, maybe it's time you look for a better shampoo.

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