About Our Founder

Our Founder's entrepreneurial journey started when she attended a cosmetic convention and discovered a new hair shampoo. After learning about the ingredients, she challenged herself to create a healthier version using natural ingredients. Despite facing initial resistance from friends, she persisted and eventually created a product that she was proud of.

Our Founder's passion for natural and eco-friendly beauty products continued to grow, and she expanded her offerings to include a range of skincare products for both men and women. She named her brand Aarde Skin, which means "touch earth" in Dutch, reflecting her commitment to using sustainable ingredients and minimizing her environmental impact.

At All Love Collections, our Founder wanted to provide more than just quality products. She noticed that many of her customers didn't know their own skin types and were using products that weren't right for them. To address this, she introduced customized facial treatments that helped customers learn about their skin types and find the right products for them. This personal touch quickly became a hallmark of All Love Collections and helped set it apart from other beauty stores in the area.

Our Founder's dedication to her customers extended beyond just skincare. She wanted to create a space where people could relax and feel pampered, and she achieved this by designing each of her three intimate spa suites with a unique ambiance and memories. This concept art memories was inspired by her belief that everyone deserves to feel special and loved, and she has strived to make All Love Collections a place where her customers can come to feel just that.

Despite her success, our Founder remains committed to her community and has made giving back a cornerstone of her business. She donates 10% of all profits to community initiatives, including monthly food giveaways and game nights, and has also expanded her business to include two spas to help others who are interested in opening their own locations. Her goal is to provide guidance and support to others who, like her, are passionate about natural and eco-friendly beauty products.

In conclusion, our Founder's story is one of perseverance, creativity, and a commitment to making the world a better place. Her passion for natural and sustainable beauty products, combined with her dedication to her customers and community, has enabled her to build a successful business that truly embodies the name All Love Collections.